I have been teaching people guitar in their own homes for 15 years and online for over 5 years. 



60 mins in person  - £30

30 mins in person  - £15

20 mins in person  - £11 (in schools only)


30 mins online         - £12.50

Lesson Length And Age Range

There is no "one size fits all" solution for every age group, the best option is to contact me so we can discuss it. If you are concerned about being "too old" to start learning don't be because I've taught guitar to  beginners aged 70+ who have thrived. Equally as a dad of two young boys with "challenging" attention spans I am able to find ways to keep younger ones entertained. I also have substantial experience working with people with learning and physical disabilities and confidence/anxiety issues. 

Styles Taught

I specialise in fingerpicking guitar but I teach a variety of styles (rock, pop, blues, folk, jazz, classical) and enjoy new challenges! I teach people on electric, acoustic and classical guitar. You can start learning on almost any type of guitar and see how you get on, I started on a guitar that had more holes than strings.