"Dom teaches me the banjo and our son, Joe, the guitar. His flexible, patient and persistent approach has made learning fun for us both. With Dom’s guidance Joe has become a really keen guitarist and for me Dom has proved it is never too late to learn!" Luke, Ledbury

"Dom's a top man with the patience of a saint! I've learnt more online in 12 months than in the previous 6 years with other teachers. I had my doubts about starting again with yet another teacher in my 40's but so glad I did. Always a good laugh, always pushing me to improve but in an encouraging way. Highly recommended" Neil, Widnes

"Dom has been my tutor for 3 years. In all that time my lessons have been fun and good humoured but challenging and covering a wide range of music...he's made learning a joy" Sally, Ledbury

"Dom is really friendly, patient and has a great teaching manner: especially when dealing with my two recalcitrant teenagers and my own needs as an adult learner...really recommend him whatever your age, musical style or current ability at guitar" Steve, Bristol


"Asking Dom to teach me guitar was one of my better decisions. His student-led style of teaching has helped me over my “older learner” hurdles - his patience never ceases to amaze, his knowledge and skill continues to inspire. Always supportive and encouraging, relaxed and friendly, trips outside the comfort zone are compulsory, always safe and more often than not, hilarious!" Wendy, Ledbury

"Dom has been teaching my now 16 year old daughter since she was 6. When Dom moved from Manchester we were delighted he was able to continue teaching Eve online. She is about to take her Grade 8 exam and there is no-one we would rather put our trust in to guide her through it than Dom."  Mike, Manchester

"Dom is a fantastic teacher. My son has been having weekly lessons for many months and loves it. Dom is patient and explains everything clearly - he will go over things many times until my son understands. My son says Dom has lots of energy and a great sense of humour. We would highly recommend him." Victoria, Newent

"I came to Dom as a complete novice at the age of 71 and have now been learning to play acoustic guitar with him for five years. I’ve picked up a lot of musical knowledge, reading “proper” musical notation as well as guitar tabs. Dom makes it interesting as well, varying the types of music he introduces into the programme, from Beatles to folk, to blues, to Jimi Hendrix. I was amazed to find myself playing Eric Clapton’s music quite early on. The joy is that there’s always more to learn." Phil, Ledbury

"Dom is an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter, after our chats my guitar never leaves my hand, my playing improves; technique, knowledge and
creativity. In 6 months and having not played for 20+ years, the improvement has been incredible. I perform songs publicly now not privately and I am even starting to write my own at the age of 42. Call him for a chat regardless of your age, ability or location. He will make you feel comfortable and take you to the next level, regardless of your start point."

Ian, Solihull

"Our 11 year old son really looks forward to his weekly guitar lessons with Dom. He creates lessons which are fun, enjoyable and challenging enough to facilitate continued progression, without over stretching existing skills - which helps to keep children engaged. I can't recommend him highly enough (nor can our budding rock star!)" Simon, Dymock

"Dom is a brilliant and talented guitarist and teacher who has a natural and fun approach to teaching. Our 7yr old son was a beginner when he started learning with Dom and through online video lessons has grown so much in confidence and ability and really looks forward to his weekly sessions. Our son loves learning new songs and has been completely inspired by Dom’s music suggestions. He is experiencing a wonderful range of music. Dom’s method is nurturing and exciting for our son and it’s why he loves playing guitar so much. Highly recommend Dom." Harriet, London


"I took up the guitar at the age of 70 with the aim of focussing on the Blues. I have found Dom to be a talented musician, highly professional teacher and to be incredibly patient and encouraging. I would recommend him without reservation for any age group regardless of the style they want to learn." James, Ledbury